C. Lynne Smith
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Performing in        NJ, PA, NY and DE areas.
Working on the      next album & creating new songs.
The New albums just C. Lynne and her guitar, an acoustic
exploration of folk, rock, blues & just a bit of country. YEE
Real (Original Song & Video)
by C. Lynne Smith
'Time Won't Wait' 'Real',
'One More Heartache' ,
'When' , 'Where Are You
Now' & 'Real' released from
my 1st album, are getting
commercial & indie airplay
Thank You to all the Radio
stations for giving my music a
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Upcoming Performances

Cape May Winery, Cape May NJ
Friday 12-21-2018  5-8pm
Cape May Winery, Cape May NJ
Friday 11-16-2018  5-8pm
West Cape May Lima Bean Festival
Saturday 10-06-2018 1:00pm -2:45pm
Festival is from 9am -5pm

Cape May Winery, Cape May NJ
Friday 10-19-2018  5-8pm

Iron Pier Craft House, Cape May, NJ
10-20-2018  8pm-11pm
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